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Hearing Loss in Children

Can Children Suffer From Hearing Loss? While more common in older adults, hearing loss can affect people of all ages. One of the most vulnerable groups is the pediatric population, as a delay in treatment can lead to problems with … Continue reading

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The Future for Children with Hearing Loss

Before the 1990s, the average of age of diagnosis for congenital hearing loss was 2 ½ to 3 years old.1 This often resulted in children missing 2-3 years of language exposure at a critical point in their development. In the … Continue reading

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Signs Everyone with Hearing Loss Should Recognize

In order to get your driver’s license in Louisville, KY you must pass a written test. Part of that test quizzes you on road signs. Just as knowing what road signs mean is important to driving well, Being able to … Continue reading

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What Happens When Your Child Fails a Hearing Test?

Your child’s hearing is a crucial component of the development process. It affects their social, emotional, and cognitive skills, and plays a major role in language milestones and speech development. A hearing loss can have a big impact on your … Continue reading

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Like all other medical care, quality hearing care is expensive.  While we at Heuser Hearing Institute understand the challenges related to the cost of hearing health care, we believe that building a relationship with a local provider who knows your … Continue reading

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