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What Happens When Your Child Fails a Hearing Test?

Your child’s hearing is a crucial component of the development process. It affects their social, emotional, and cognitive skills, and plays a major role in language milestones and speech development. A hearing loss can have a big impact on your … Continue reading

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Like all other medical care, quality hearing care is expensive.  While we at Heuser Hearing Institute understand the challenges related to the cost of hearing health care, we believe that building a relationship with a local provider who knows your … Continue reading

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Communication Strategies

After noticing your child was not progressing as fast as other children their age you took them to your local Louisville audiologist to be tested. After a series of tests, you received the news you knew was coming, your child … Continue reading

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Hearing Aid Brands

Hearing Aid Manufacturers Have you ever gotten overwhelmed with the sheer number of brands the store has of toothpaste, yogurt or even tortilla chips? The good thing is that if your choice does not make your teeth sparkle, has a … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Speech and Language

Is There a Difference Between Speech and Language? The terms speech and language are thrown around, almost interchangeably. But did you know there are actually a few key distinctions between these two different skills? If you have a child that … Continue reading

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