Meet our Teachers

Heuser Hearing & Language Academy is privileged to be the home of such a wonderful, talented and committed teaching staff. Our classroom instructors are all master’s-level deaf educators and our arts program is in the hands of experienced specialists with deep knowledge and understanding of the unique needs of Heuser’s students.

Our teachers are as committed to helping students today as their predecessors who founded this school and volunteered their time to help children were. Children with hearing, speech and processing challenges can learn to thrive with the right treatment plan and educational foundation. Here are the people who help make that happen — our teachers!


Sara Banks

Shelby Wilson

Laura Azahar

Grace Fons

Deva North

Brittany Neal

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith

Aileen Kennedy

Debbie Woods

Sydney Creason

Dorie Smith

Greta Gillmeister


Melissa Twyman

Becky Wilkinson