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Listen Up! Project



Every year countless Kentuckians deal with the problems associated with hearing loss and are unable to financially afford the proper care needed to live a normal life. To help fill this void, The Listen Up! Project is creating an opportunity for you or a loved one to volunteer at one of the Heuser Hearing Institute’s charitable foundations partners around Louisville in exchange for credit towards hearing aids. This pilot program has been made possible by a generous donation from Delta Dental of Kentucky’s Making Smiles Happen program.

List of requirements

The Listen Up! Project Requirements

  • Show need for hearing aids
  • Be retired with no insurance benefits towards hearing aids
  • Be willing to participate in an evaluation before receiving hearing aids and volunteering and afterwards
  • Volunteer for 200 hours at participating nonprofits
  • Volunteer for 50 hours annually to compensate for annual upkeep of hearing aids
  • Be spirited and motivated to improve the community
  • Visit the Heuser Hearing Clinic twice a year for check-ups
  • Be willing to sign a media release


  • Hearing aid recipients will be selected for the program at the discretion of Heuser Hearing Institute based on several factors including hearing need, financial need and commitment to community involvement
  • Hearing aids come with a 3-year peace of mind warranty and 3-year hearing healthcare subscription at Heuser Hearing Institute
  • All non-profit organizations can participate as volunteer sites after approval from Heuser Hearing Institute

Interested in participating in The Listen Up! Project?

Answer these questions and send us your story to tell us what makes you a great candidate:

  1. Where would you like to volunteer?
  2. How will hearing aids improve your quality of life?
  3. How will hearing aids improve the quality of life of those around you?
  4. What dream do you have or what goal would you like to accomplish once you are able to hear better?

Email your response along with your contact information to:

Contact Information

117 East Kentucky St. Louisville, KY 40203
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