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Hearing Aid Accessories

hearing aid accessories - Heuser Hearing Institute - Louisville KY

There are dozens of types of hearing aid accessories available on the market. These devices can serve many purposes. Depending on your lifestyle and needs, your Louisville audiologist may recommend some accessories that can improve your hearing or make your life with hearing aids simpler. Here’s a look at some types of accessories we offer our Heuser Hearing Clinic patients.

Batteries & Parts

Along with batteries, your hearing aids may come with replaceable parts including wax guards or filters and tubing. You should always have spare components and batteries on hand, and many people choose to keep extras in several places including at home, at work, or in a portable bag. By staying well stocked and being prepared, you can avoid ever being stuck with a poorly working or nonfunctional hearing aid.

Cleaning Tools & Dehumidifiers

Cleaning your hearing aids every night is an important part of keeping them functioning at their best. While surface cleaning can be done with a soft cloth, cleaning tools and kits are the best way to ensure your devices are truly clean every night. You may also choose to invest in a dehumidifier, which removes all moisture and earwax from the device overnight as you sleep. The better you clean and care for your hearing aids, the more likely they are to work great for as long as possible.

Personal Microphones

Despite the fact that today’s hearing aids are far more advanced than past styles, you still may struggle to hear in certain listening environments such as cars, bars, and loud events. Microphone accessories are a great solution to this problem, as they are small, discreet, portable, and effective. Most microphones are small clips or pen-shaped objects that can be worn on the clothing of whomever you’re speaking to. These devices send the sound of the speaker’s voice directly to your hearing aid, making listening a breeze even in very noisy environments.

Bluetooth® Adaptors

Many of today’s hearing aids are Bluetooth compatible, but not all devices can stream sound wirelessly without a connective accessory. Wireless accessories come in many shapes and sizes, but they all perform the same basic function: transmit sound from a wireless-enabled device—including smartphones, computers, TVs, MP3 players, in-car entertainment systems, and more—directly to your hearing aid. These devices allow you to hear everything you need clearly, conveniently, and comfortably.

If you want to more about any of these accessories, we would be happy to demonstrate them for you at Heuser Hearing Clinic. Please call us today to schedule an appointment!