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Parent-Infant Therapy

Diagnosing and treating your child’s hearing loss are the top priority of the Heuser Early Intervention Program, but our work doesn’t end there. It’s important for both you and your child to learn more about living with hearing loss in order to ensure success now and in the future. The goal of Heuser’s family-centered therapy program is to create a partnership with you so that you are able to fully participate in all aspects of your child’s treatment, education, and healthcare. Deaf and hard of hearing children whose families are actively involved throughout the assessment and treatment process consistently experience better outcomes. Our experts are here to help you help your child every step of the way—and our parent-infant therapy program is a great place to get started.

Family Therapy: What to Expect

During therapy sessions, your adviser will educate you on ways to work with your child to promote speech and language development. You’ll also learn more about what to expect as your child gets older and strategies you can use to help along the way. You are your child’s most important support system, and we want to help you give your family the care and guidance you need to live a healthy, happy life.

Our therapy program aims to build strong parent-child relationships and strengthen your family’s advocacy skills.

Its important for parents to utilize strategies that are engaging for and inclusive of all family members. Family-centered activities are a great way to develop important skills while also spending quality time doing something enjoyable. We will work with you to find the right family activities for your individual situation during parent-infant therapy sessions.