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Communications Testing

Infants and very young children are naturally equipped with astounding language acquisition and development skills, resulting in a vocabulary that explodes from a few single syllables to a few thousand words in just a few years. Language skills developed during infancy and preschool years are vital to developing the social, learning, speaking, and processing skills necessary to succeed academically and professionally.

When infants or young children have a hearing loss, they miss out on the vital period of language development. Children with untreated hearing loss will inevitably fall further and further behind their peers in communication skill development. Early intervention is the best way to avoid lasting communication delays—but even with treatment, most deaf and hard of hearing children need assistance to meet standard communication milestones for their age group. That’s where Heuser’s communications services come in.

What Is Communications Testing?

Communications testing is an assessment tool used to better understand a deaf or hard of hearing child’s speech, language, and processing delays. Communication milestones are very important markers in a young child’s development, and communications tests allow Heuser Hearing Institute’s audiology and speech pathology team to determine the severity of your child’s disorder or delay.

Communication testing is also an excellent tool for monitoring the effectiveness of a hearing loss treatment plan in children who are too young or too developmentally delayed to offer helpful feedback. It allows us to evaluate a child’s comprehension, speech, hearing, and listening abilities in an organic, collaborative way.

If you think your child may have a communication delay, we would be happy to perform testing and diagnostic services in the comfort of your own home. These tests can reveal a broad range of information, from whether your child may have a speech or hearing disorder to whether the treatment plan you chose is providing the maximum benefit to whether or not your child are eligible for Indiana or Kentucky’s First Steps programs.