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What is an early intervention program?

Early intervention programs are available for many medical conditions that commonly affect infants and very young children. As our medical knowledge grows, we have learn more and more about the serious effects certain conditions can have on human development and the substantial benefits a person receives by being treated as early as possible. The Heuser Early Intervention Program is specifically for children with deafness, hearing loss, and other conditions that prevent or delay speech and auditory processing. If diagnosed and treated early enough, these types of conditions can be effectively managed for normal growth and development.

Who’s eligible for the Heuser Early Intervention Program?

The program is part of the First Steps programs in Indiana and Kentucky, and children must meet these programs’ eligibility requirements. Requirements include being diagnosed with a developmental disorder or a condition that is highly likely to cause developmental problems or delays. Our early intervention program is for children ages 0–3 who have been diagnosed with a significant hearing loss, deafness, a speech delay or disorder, or an auditory processing delay or disorder. These children must live within the region we serve, which includes 25 counties throughout Kentucky and southern Indiana.

How do I sign up my child for the program?

All you have to do is contact us! We will help you determine your child’s eligibility and perform any tests needed to help guide you through the First Steps registration process. If you have any questions about joining the program, we would be happy to spend the time needed with you to help you determine if our program is right for you and your child’s needs.

Why is early treatment so important?

Children spend their first year absorbing the sights and sounds around them, acquiring a vast amount of knowledge before they even begin talking. A child’s first three years are a vital developmental period, and children with impaired hearing miss out on many important aspects of growth and learning during this time. If identified, diagnosed, and treated early enough, a hearing loss won’t affect a child’s social development or communication abilities. The longer it takes to achieve a diagnosis and begin a treatment, the more obstacles a child will face in the near and far future.

How much will this program cost?

Our early intervention services are free to families who qualify under the requirements of the First Steps program in their state. While we aim to provide services at no cost to families anytime we are able, there are situations that may prevent us from doing that. In these cases, we will create a very reasonable and considerate payment plan based on your financial situation. We want our services to be available to anyone who needs them, and we are proud to say no child has ever been excluded from our programs due to affordability.

What do I do if I can’t visit your Louisville hearing center to have my child evaluated for hearing loss?

Our early intervention program is a home- and location-based service, which means we come to you! We don’t want finances or accessibility to prevent any child from getting the treatment he or she needs, and we are able and more than willing to work with families to meet their needs with openness and flexibility.