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Meet Our Team

The Heuser Early Intervention Program is run by a dedicated team of specialists who receive support from many of the teams within Heuser Hearing Institute. Take a look below to get to know more about the early intervention program staff. You can also follow click through these links to meet our deaf educators, audiologists and physicians, research director, board members, and administrative staff. You can also click through to find testimonials from parents and students who have gone through our early intervention program.

Cheryl Donaldson - PIP Director - Early Intervention program - Louisville KY

Cheryl Donaldson
PIP Director
Speech/Language Pathologist, Cochlear Implant

Cheryl Donaldson has more than 25 years of experience working with hearing loss patients of all ages. She specializes in listening and speech therapy for those who utilize cochlear implant devices. She is a provider for early intervention services through First Steps in Kentucky and Indiana.

Paula Carby - evelopmental Interventionist - Early Intervention - Louisville KY

Paula Carby
Developmental Interventionist,
Tch. of the D/HH


Amanda Taylor,
Developmental Interventionist

Amanda Taylor is a developmental interventionist helping infants and toddlers reach developmental milestones. She became certified in interdisciplinary early childhood education through a graduate program at the University of Kentucky and is currently completing a Master of Science in Education for special education and interdisciplinary early childhood education; also from the University of Kentucky.