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The Importance of Early Intervention

Long before children develop speech, they learn and acquire language through their sense of hearing. Deafness and hearing loss can greatly impact a child’s ability to develop normal speech, language, and social skills. The earlier a deaf or hard of hearing child is diagnosed and treated, the more likely these important communication, learning, and social skills can reach their full potential. Without treatment, toddlers’ hearing challenges can impact them for a lifetime.

Infants diagnosed with hearing loss should begin receiving early intervention services as soon as possible. It’s vital that treatment begins before a baby reaches six months of age to ensure development at a normal pace.

Early intervention services can greatly improve a child’s speech and language development. Studies have shown that the most important stage of learning occurs from infancy through age three, which is why our early intervention program targets families with children in this age range. Early intervention results in significantly better language ability for deaf and hard of hearing children than intervention later in their childhood. There is a direct link between hearing and the development of language and literacy, both crucial skills in becoming an independent and successful adult.