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The Heuser Early Intervention Program is designed to empower parents and caregivers to enhance the development of their children by incorporating appropriate strategies into daily routines as these routines develop. We aim to promote early intervention in all of the communities we serve throughout 25 Kentucky and southern Indiana counties so that as many children as possible can enjoy the same opportunities in their lifetime as their hearing peers.

Long before children learn to speak, babies learn language by hearing it. Without normal hearing, however, children can suffer long-term delays that may affect them into adulthood. The vast majority of children with hearing impairments can learn to listen and speak as long as their condition is diagnosed early.

Goals of the Heuser Early Intervention Program

  • Help children stay on schedule with speech, language, social, and communication skills
  • Educate parents about their child’s hearing loss and special communication needs
  • Support families by helping them feel confident as they raise a child with hearing loss
  • Track children’s progress and make good decisions for intervention and education throughout development