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Dr. Verespie,

I genuinely appreciate how much time and careful consideration you have given my tinnitus condition. It’s rare to find a specialist who invests herself so wholeheartedly like you do. By that I mean you bring the excellence of your practice together with compassionate human connections.

At this time, I have decided that I am going to forego wearing a hearing aid. My decision today to decline a hearing aid definitely does not mean that I see my visit to your office as unnecessary or assume that a day will not come when I do choose to wear a hearing aid. Far from it. For now, not only is my mind far more at peace but I also know that there are many solutions that can be considered when trying to manage tinnitus.

I am glad I followed my intuition and found you. If my tinnitus gets worse over time, I now know that I can work with a specialist who can help me manage my predicament. I also know where to go when it’s time for a hearing checkup.

Thanks for all,


Heuser has changed the course of our son’s life. Our four-year-old son has developmental delays and does not speak yet because he has been diagnosed with apraxia. Heuser, through individualized attention and a coordinated team approach, has provided direction to his total well being, not just language. In fact, it was due to Heuser’s analysis through daily observation that led us to his proper diagnosis and road to recovery. Moreover, our son loves going to school at Heuser. The overwhelmingly positive environment and loving teachers make him feel extremely special. Overall, without Heuser, there is no question that our son would not be making the tremendous strides in his development. We are extremely grateful to all of the faculty and staff who have made such a difference in his life.


I am quite pleased with my aids and especially the continuing care provided by the institute. I recommend their services.


I put off being tested for possible hearing loss until I missed a luggage call at a very busy airport I immediately went to the Heuser Institute where I had a very thorough examination and evaluation. The entire experience was professional and informative, plus convincing to me that I needed help. My hearing aids are wonderful and I have never had a minutes trouble in five years. They clean them, check them and also do the same to my ears. I am a wax producer and they gently take care of that too. The color of the back of the aids are matched to your hair and people are so surprised when I tell them I wear aids. Vanity should never stand in the way of hearing.


My husband, Ray, has been very happy with his hearing aids and the service too. The DuPont location is very convenient, However a location near Norton Brownsboro would be even better.