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Top 10 Tips

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  1. Talk to your child about everything you are doing. Label objects, actions, people all around your home.
  2. Encourage your child to participate in imitation and interactive games. Imitate their laughter, facial expressions and babbling and encourage them to imitate you.
  3. Use natural gestures to convey meaning (waving hi, saying bye-bye, etc.).
  4. Sing simple songs and rhymes to practice the rhythms and patterns of speech. Read to your child daily.
  5. Use good speech that is clear and easily understood by your child.
  6. Model words and phrases related to your daily routines. Repeat what your child says and expand what was said.
  7. Build vocabulary through reading to your child, enjoying a variety of experiences and introducing new words in familiar contexts.
  8. Play games with your child. This allows your child to learn and practice taking turns, answering and asking questions and a variety of other skills.
  9. If your child has speech production errors, repeat what he says with correct speech and acoustic or visual highlighting to draw his attention to the correct production pattern.
  10. Acknowledge, praise and encourage all communication attempts. Show that you understand what was said by responding appropriately.