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Speech Services

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Communication is a key element that separates humans from other living beings. It allows humans to connect with one another and establish and maintain meaningful relationships. Effective communication impacts all areas of life – social interactions, academics, literacy and work.  The Speech-Language Pathology Department at Heuser Hearing Institute / Heuser Hearing and Language Academy is dedicated to helping individuals develop and use effective communication skills. Heuser Hearing Institute is home to an exceptional staff of dedicated, experienced clinicians who desire to fulfill the needs of each individual patient, whether it is a child with articulation difficulty or an adult who is learning to listen with a new cochlear implant. Speech-language evaluations and therapy are available at our downtown and Lyndon locations.  Heuser also offers tele-speech services for individuals and/or families who live outside our immediate area.  Please contact us if you need additional information or want to schedule an appointment.