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Hearing Aid User Stories

I know there will be plenty of jokes associated with this post, but I am okay with that. First, thanks to the Veteran’s Administration. My Army years damaged my hearing tremendously and it only got worse with my fire service career. I have spent a big part of my life not hearing well. Always asking people to repeat themselves, listening to people talking about crickets, birds, or just absolutely pretending I heard the entire conversation, etc.

Today that all changed. Over the years, insurance would not cover the cost of hearing aids because they are considered aesthetic. (WHY, I DON’T KNOW!) After 26 years I finally decided to sign up for my veteran’s benefits. I had always felt guilty about using the benefits because I never actually fought in a war and I thought there were veterans more deserving of that benefit, but with age and urging from fellow veterans, I did it.

Today I walked out of the VA audiology clinic a different person. I could actually hear the snow slush sound coming from the passing cars’ tires and the voices on the radio without turning the volume to full blast. I got back to my office and could hear a high-pitched whistle sound coming from the computer server, annoying everyone else in the office but a welcome sound to me. I can hear Suzanne without having to read lips or ask her to repeat herself. This probably seems small to many but it is major to me. I didn’t realize what I haven’t been hearing for so long.

The VA gets a bad rap but I am thankful for them. From the day I signed up they have taken good care of me with physicals, diabetes clinics and so on. I want to thank any and everyone associated with the VA. I am so thankful for this. I urge all veterans to sign up regardless of whether you need it or not. The time may come when you do need it.

– A. Owens