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Most people come into one of Heuser Hearing Clinic’s Louisville locations with more questions than answers. We understand the importance of helping our patients understand the in’s and out’s of hearing healthcare and hearing loss, and we’re here to address your questions and concerns. If you’re looking for more general information about the conditions we treat, hearing loss technologies, hearing health research, and more, we invite you to get started on your journey using the resources offered on this website. Our resident hearing healthcare providers created these resources to help patients become more familiar with the latest and most reliable information and reports from the field of audiology.

You can also use this page to find patient forms for both adults and children new to Heuser Hearing Clinic. We invite you to print and fill out these forms at your convenience before bringing them with you to your first appointment. While these forms aren’t mandatory to fill out beforehand, doing so will result in a less stressful, more efficient initial visit to our clinic, and it will give you the opportunity to provide the best and most informative possible answers to your doctor’s inquiries.