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Choosing a Hearing Aid

Hearing aids are by far the most common treatment option for patients in Louisville with sensorineural hearing loss. But how do you know which of the many hearing aid options is right for you or your child? If you’re ready to choose a hearing aid, you’ll need your audiologist by your side to guide you through this process. Though there are several different types of hearing aids available, it’s vital that you take the time to find the right hearing aids for you as an individual.

We strive to help every patient who visits Heuser Hearing Clinic find the absolute best hearing aid possible, and we offer counseling, fitting, programming, financial assistance, and more throughout the process. Once you’ve found the best hearing aids for your preferences and needs, you can also rely on HHC for continued care as you return for adjustments, checkups, servicing, cleaning, and repairs.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Hearing Aid

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There are a lot of different aspects to consider as you begin the hearing aid selection process. Today’s hearing aids are truly incredible digital devices, and they perform exponentially better than their analog predecessors. You can learn more about the types of hearing aids on our Hearing Aid Styles page. Read on to learn more about the important things to keep in mind as you choose your hearing aids.

Your Hearing Needs

Most types of hearing loss only work for certain severities, frequencies, and types of impairments, so it’s important to narrow down your options based on the hearing aid styles that work best for your individual needs. You should also consider any other factors that influence your ability to hear, such as whether or not you also suffer from tinnitus and how able you are to control and understand a hearing aid’s programming.

Your Cosmetic Preferences

It’s important to find a pair of hearing aids you or your child feels confident wearing. Most styles of hearing aids today are very sleek and subtle, but some people still want devices that are completely undetectable to others. On the other hand, many adults and children opt for fun colors and patterns for their hearing aids. Spend time talking to your audiologist to identify what you want and which styles will best meet your cosmetic needs.

Your Budget

Hearing aids range pretty widely in price depending on the style you choose as well as the features and functions you need. We understand how important it is for all of our Louisville hearing loss patients to get the treatment they need, and we are willing to work with patients of all budgets to find the right hearing aids at the right price. We offering support, resources, and financing options to ensure you are able to afford the hearing loss treatment that’s right for your lifestyle and your finances.

These are just a few of the many things you’ll need to consider as you choose a hearing aid. Please spend time with your audiologist as you go through the selection process. Heuser Hearing Clinic is home to knowledgeable audiologists and other hearing aid experts who can help you try out different styles and narrow down your options until we find the right hearing aid for you. We have many leading brands and styles right at our clinic, so hearing aid shopping is as simple and straightforward as possible for our patients.