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Custom Earmolds

custom earmolds - hearing protection - Louisville KY

Protecting your hearing can go a long way in preventing hearing loss, and we encourage patients to explore the best options for hearing protection. Loud noise exposure is responsible for more cases of sensorineural hearing loss amongst Louisville residents than anything else, including the natural aging process. If you’re regularly or even occasionally exposed to loud sounds at concerts, during sports events, at work, while using tools, or as you’re enjoying recreational hobbies, you need to be wearing quality ear protection. Custom earmolds are a great option to protect your ears from sound—and they can do a lot more, too!

Custom Earplugs

Many industrial workers and outdoor enthusiasts opt for custom earplugs for the best quality and fit. Since each plug is made specifically for your individual ears and needs, you can expect these plugs to sit snugly in your ears without any discomfort, whether you need them for seconds, minutes, or hours. You should wear earplugs in any setting where you are exposed to sounds over 85 decibels.

Hunter’s Plugs

Many of our patients in Louisville and throughout Kentucky and Indiana enjoy hunting. Unfortunately, a single gunshot can cause irreversible damage to your ears without proper protection. Custom hunter’s earmolds are specially designed for ease of use: they allow in the quiet sounds from your surroundings, but they block damagingly loud noises (like gunshots) from entering your ears. This is possible because hunter’s plugs are equipped with a tiny valve that automatically and instantly shuts when a loud sound wave makes contact with the device.

Swimmer’s Plugs

Swimmer’s plugs offer the best in waterproof ear protection. Since they’re formed for your individual ears, they offer a tight seal while still being extremely comfortable. Swimmer’s plugs can be used for any activity, such as boating, swimming, showering, and more. They’re popularly used for children and adults who suffer from chronic ear infections due to water getting stuck in the ear canal.

Musician’s Monitors

If you’re a musician, your risk of hearing loss is much greater than those who aren’t regularly exposed to loud music. Musician’s monitors are a must-have for hobbyists and professional musicians who play around electric instruments. These devices work as both feedback monitors and earplugs simultaneously. This means that they block out the loud, unwanted sounds around you while also delivering quality sound from your instrument or your entire band at a safe volume.

If you want to learn more about how custom earmolds can help you protect your ears and prevent hearing loss, please schedule an appointment at any of Heuser Hearing Clinic’s three Louisville audiology clinics.