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Butterfly Society

butterfly society - Heuser Hearing Institute academy- lousiville ky - south indiana

The Butterfly Society is group dedicated to supporting Heuser Hearing & Language Academy through membership dues, fundraisers, volunteer projects, and more. Members, also known as Butterflies, can participate in projects and community outreach as much or as little as they want. The Butterfly Society is open to anyone interested in supporting the Heuser Hearing Institute as part of a close-knit volunteer community. Whether you choose a role big or small, we have a place for you and are always excited to add new members.

Butterfly Society Membership

Volunteerism is different for everyone, and the Butterfly Society welcomes members of all types. Our only requirement is a small annual membership fee of $50 for singles and $75 for families. By keeping our dues affordable, we aim to create a far-reaching support network that encourages people from many communities and demographics to be involved.

No matter what your goals for involvement may be, the Butterfly Society is ready to welcome you with open arms. Please visit this page to learn more about the Butterfly Society’s history or to make a donation.