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Become a Member

Volunteering is a different experience for each and every person, and the Butterfly Society welcomes members of all types and ambitions. Joining the society requires a nominal annual membership fee of $50 for single memberships and $75 for family memberships. This creates a large network of financial support and allows more people from many communities and demographics to get involved.

We understand: Some people have the ability to make sizable donations in support of Heuser Hearing Institute, while others prefer to donate modestly when their budget allows; some members have plenty of free time to offer, while others contribute simply through donations to the institution. No matter what your goals for involvement may be, the Butterfly Society is ready to welcome you with open arms.

Spread the Word!

We LOVE to gain new members and encourage anyone who supports what Heuser Hearing Institute does to become a Butterfly and bring your friends. If you would like more information about the Butterfly Society, please call the Heuser team at (502) 515-3320.

Join today! Download the Butterfly Society Membership Form here.