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Heuser Hearing Institute aims to support, promote, and create healthy hearing throughout the many Kentucky and Indiana communities we serve. We work in 18 Kentucky counties and seven southern Indiana counties to offer outstanding hearing healthcare services, educational programs, research findings, and parent-infant outreach measures.

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Throughout our extensive history, Heuser Hearing Institute has sought to promote the growth of the whole person. We offer highly individualized services that foster physical, intellectual, social, and emotional development; lifelong habits for hearing health; and a supportive community for all children and families regardless of income and demographics.

We take pride in offering:

Cutting-edge clinical hearing healthcare services and medical, surgical, and therapeutical treatment options for patients of all ages backed by an outstanding staff of expert audiologists and otologists (medical doctors with extra training in ear-related healthcare and surgical procedures).

Comprehensive speech-language and communication services for patients of all ages.

In-home community outreach early intervention services to parents with infants and young toddlers through the Kentucky and Indiana First Steps programs.

Groundbreaking, unique educational services for preschool- and kindergarten-aged children with hearing, speech, processing, and language disorders, difficulties, and delays.