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Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation

The Woman’s Club of Louisville and Kiwanis Club of Louisville founded the Louisville Deaf Oral School in 1948. The Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation was established in April 1960 to manage a portion of the School’s gifted assets. The foundation’s mission is “to promote, assist, and cooperate in furthering the welfare of the Louisville Deaf Oral School, now the Heuser Hearing and Language Academy, primarily through financial support.”


The Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation has made annual distributions to Heuser Hearing Institute for 50 years and counting. Since its first distribution in 1965, the Foundation has paid more than $3.6 million to the Heuser Hearing & Language Academy. Payments from the Foundation are unrestricted and are determined by calculating a percentage (up to 5%) of the rolling average of investments from the prior twelve calendar quarters.

All Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation assets are directly invested to benefit Heuser Hearing Institute’s long-term finances, and are currently managed by Hilliard Lyons Trust Company. All trustees of the Foundation are volunteers. For the 2014 fiscal year total expenses including investment manager fees were 0.56% of assets.

The Foundation’s most recent distribution of $161,000 was made in January 2015. Every gift to the Foundation substantially impacts Heuser Hearing Institute and the entire Kentucky community.

Make a Donation

Those interested in making a donation to Heuser Hearing Institute via the Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation should know that all types of donations are accepted. The most popular gifts include:

  • Memorial contributions
  • Honorarium contributions
  • Bequests
  • Life insurance donations
  • Security donations

Please deliver checks to:

Heuser Hearing Institute
attn. Brett Bachmann, J.D., LL.M
111-117 E. Kentucky St.
Louisville, KY 40203
Free Parking

All donations should be made payable to the Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation.

Questions regarding gifts to the foundation should be made to any of the Foundation trustees listed below, or call Heuser’s Chief Executive Officer Brett Bachmann J.D. LL.M at 502-515-3320

Louisville Deaf Oral School Foundation Trustees

Along with the names listed below, Heuser Hearing Institute and Heuser Hearing & Language Academy Board of Directors President Brad Broecker is an ex-officio foundation trustee.

Woman’s Club of Louisville Trustees

  • Marianne Boyd
  • Carole Deweese
  • Betsy Holton
  • Ginnie Maurer
  • Sarah M. Snyder
  • Linda Steder
  • Estelle Zimlich

Kiwanis Club of Louisville Trustees

  • Ralph Barringer
  • J. Michael Erskine
  • Ray Glass
  • Robert J. Hardy
  • Thomas Dignan Mueller
  • Irvin H. Stumler
  • Brian K. Taylor